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Life Health and Fitness Whitestone is Here!

Life Health and Fitness Whitestone is Here!

We’re beyond excited to finally open the doors to Life Health and Fitness Whitestone. We’ve been waiting patiently (and quite often impatiently!) to finally open our doors and welcome the residents of Whitestone.

Our main philosophy at Life Health and Fitness Whitestone is to be a gym for everyone. We welcome body builders and power lifters, as well as new moms who are just getting back on their feet, or even the senior members of the community who want to keep moving no matter how old they are.

We created the gym with this idea in mind: the idea that health is something that matters to everyone. Being healthy is necessary whether you’re male or female, old or young, tall or short, have always been athletic, or have never worked out a day in your life. Your health matters no matter who you are, or where you are.

The key to being healthy is diet and exercise. We’ve employed our staff with experts in both fields, so we can be a place you’ll find all your health questions answered, as well as all your health needs met. This includes nutrition advice from board-certified dieticians, and personal training from trainers that are experienced, qualified, and passionate. We know that every member is unique, and has unique fitness goals, as well as needs. We want to work with you to do one thing: improve your life.

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